Black Birch Vineyard

A regional Northeastern winery, Black Birch is passionate about the craft of viticulture and wine making. Upon visiting, we found the vineyard nestled on a beautiful New England hillside peppered with aging Black Birch trees. We wanted that sense of devotion to be evident in every facet of their identity and packaging. 

The label is die-cut and uses negative space to create the silhouette of a black birch tree on top of the glass bottle itself. This detail adds a three-dimensional element to the label that is exciting to see and touch. Additionally, there are spaces on the back of the label for the winemakers to handwrite the bottle and batch number—further substantiating the hand-craftsmanship that makes Black Birch Vineyards so special to begin with.

2013 Addy Awards “ Packaging” Judges choice award. 

Credits: (Creative Direction) Kirsten Modestow (Design) Vimana Creative

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