The ancient physical or metaphysical flying machine, chariot, or vessel that carried deities, or the chosen few to their destinations.

With every passenger came the mythos, with every mythos the believer, and with every believer, the congregation, or in your case, the customers, consumers, or audience.

We are tailors of the myth, empowering your brand, ideas, or passions with the proper visual cues and qualities to attract your following.

As you can hopefully tell by now, we don't even consider that there is a box outside of which to think. We don’t believe you can influence the world by being like it. While others might find comfort in the confinement of words, labels and ideas, we like to develop our own as a vehicle to bring you to places unimaginable.

Nothing in this world exists without being imagined first, we’re here to help real-ize your visions into reality.

So what do you have in mind? We’re sure we can help. contact@vimana.agency


The realm of thought is infinite. Thought creates form, and no form was not propagated from a thought. We exist in a co-collaborative world of thought form manifested, wielding our powers as we so choose. Knowingly or unknowingly, we create the realities we do or do not desire based on these laws. When this power is realized, harnessed, and directed with intention, the infinite realm of potential is at hand. One eventually begins to realize the limitations we or others have imposed on ourselves, are illusory. Your wildest dreams aren’t so wild after all, in fact, we can bring them to realization.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have a life, you are life. We firmly believe the purpose of life is to make it better for all, not just oneself. We all have a responsibility in what we do to assist the progress of this betterment. We bestow conscious clients with our services. Call it karmic reward, but we want to elevate those who do good in the world to the level they deserve to be. We direct our creative efforts to develop a more harmonious landscape for all, inner and outer.


Existence speaks to us in symbolism. It is the language of life itself. If we were to strip away language and concept, we could still derive the deepest philosophical truths and lessons through observation. The world is emblematic. That which is aesthetically pleasing, is by nature, harmonious. When harmony is encountered through the senses, harmony is experienced at the deepest level of being. It is the very aim of life itself. It is our vision to be the conductors of a more harmonious reality, developers of dreams, tailoring to the senses, one client at a time.


1D - Conceptual Development, Content Creation, Identity, Re/Naming, Re/Positioning, Research, Strategy
2D - Branding, Collateral, Digital, Packaging, Publication & Advertising, Print, Social Media
3D - 3D Modeling, Architectural, Environmental, Ephemera, Product, Photography, Sound & Audio, Videography


Based on your needs we can provide à la carte services or all inclusive packages tailored to the unique needs of your project(s).
We work within budgets that realistically allow us to create quality work. The complexity of your project and our queue determines the price and schedule.


Adidas, Asics, Converse, Disney, Honda, Lacoste, MTV, New Balance, Nike, NYU, Oakley, Puma, Red Wing, Reebok, Rue La La, Samuel Adams, Sperry, Svedka, Ted X, Timberland, Vans